Women’s Care Fund bridges gap in time of need

The Women’s Care Fund was created through the Women’s Health Initiative to provide preventive, diagnostic and support services for women in our community without the financial resources to pay. Since established in 2014, the fund has served 25 women, who otherwise would not have received care, in addition to funding a support group for new moms. Below is the story of one patient who received continuous care thanks to the Women’s Care Fund.

“I was losing my job, facing a major loss, and was cut off from Medicaid due to a technical error that would not be resolved for six months. I was unable to afford medical care, but at that time, my mental health was the lever that could put my life back on track. I was feeling so depressed and anxious that I couldn’t even start to tackle a job hunt in a productive way, much less prepare and present well at an interview. I was in crisis and needed help badly. I had just started seeing Dr. Katherine Hanson when my Medicaid was revoked thereby preventing my counseling sessions from being covered. Even though I had seen her for a couple of months, Dr. Hanson was the counselor I had been looking for over a very long course of time. I was suicidal when I found out I couldn’t see her anymore. I didn’t see a way out without her guidance.

When I told Dr. Hanson about this situation, she immediately assured me that I would not be abandoned by her. She would remain treating me because of the generosity of donors to the Women’s Care Fund. This was the greatest relief I had felt in months. I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Through our work over just a couple months, I had became fully employed in a job that I love and my relationships stabilized in a very supportive way. I have tools to manage my anxiety and have even slept since starting to see Dr. Hanson – I suffered extreme insomnia for 20 years. My physical health has improved as well.

Because Swedish Covenant Hospital Foundation and Dr. Hanson buttressed me with such reliable and generous support, I no longer need the Women’s Care Fund. I have full health insurance and benefits and am thrilled that someone else can now get the help he/she needs. I am so eternally grateful for the Foundation and for Dr. Hanson. Thank you so much for allowing me the continuity of working with such a talented and caring therapist who is absolutely one of the very best in her field. I owe a great deal of my health to Dr. Hanson and the Women’s Care Fund.”

To learn more about supporting the Women’s Care Fund at Swedish Covenant Hospital, contact the Foundation at (773) 293-5121 or Foundation@swedishcovenant.org.

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