Witz family support spans three generations

In the early 1960’s Leo Witz formed a relationship with Swedish Covenant Hospital that has spanned nearly six decades and three generations. In this time, the Witz family and Continental Electrical Construction Company have contributed to nearly every part of the development of Swedish Covenant Hospital, from the construction of Anderson Pavilion to the Mayora Rosenberg Women’s Health Center, helping to transform the hospital to the institution it is today.

Eugene Witz continued the family’s legacy of giving to Swedish Covenant Hospital. A member of the Board of Directors, Eugene was one of the original conceptualizers of Galter LifeCenter and advocated for the facility in the 70’s and 80’s. Following in their father and grandfathers’ footsteps, Steven and David Witz have proven loyal supporters of Swedish Covenant Hospital through contributions, including generous elite sponsors of the annual benefit gala.

“Swedish Covenant Hospital has continued to receive high marks among its peers and industry-wide as a premier health care institution in Chicago; this is the type of institution that Continental Electrical appreciates being part of,” Steven said. “We have always been treated fairly in the electrical work we have done for the hospital and appreciate the relationships that have formed over the years.”

Founded in 1912, Steven and David Witz are the fourth generation family owners of Continental Electrical. With company headquarters located in Oak Brook, Ill., Continental Electrical is the premier electrical contractor in the Chicago land area and one of the largest enterprises of its kind in the Midwest. The company works with clients spanning a variety of industries, from high-rises to hospital, including Swedish Covenant Hospital.

The extent of the Witz family and Continental Electricals’ generosity extends beyond Swedish Covenant Hospital. The company, along with the Witz Family Foundation, prioritizes being a good corporate neighbor and investing in the communities where they do business. They contribute annually to well over 20 charities, in addition to holding regular blood donation drives.

In support of an employee’s daughter, who was diagnosed with Lymphoma, Continental Electrical became involved with the American Cancer Society. Continental Electrical was integral in organizing industry outreach in support of ACS. From this, The Chicago Electrical Industry community outreach group, CEI, was born. Now in their sixth year, The Chicago Electrical Industry brought together 32 teams, consisting of 700 participants and raised more than $200,000 for the American Cancer Society Walk & Roll event. Since 2011, the group has raised more than $1.3M.

“We are incredibly grateful for the ongoing support of the Witz family and Continental Electrical Construction Company,” said Jennifer Tscherney, executive director of Swedish Covenant Hospital Foundation. “Their support of initiatives throughout the hospital including the Women’s Health Initiative emergency department and cancer care, has made a tremendous impact on the lives of our patients.”

The Witz family and Continental Electrical Construction Company are being honored with the 2016 Spirit of Compassion Award, to be presented at the hospital’s annual benefit gala on October 22. The award was established in 2002, to give special recognition to those individuals “who have given selflessly of themselves to improve the human condition of others, not only at Swedish Covenant Hospital but throughout the world.”

To learn more about the 2016 Annual Benefit Gala, Kaleidoscope, click here.

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