Team SCH raises $13,000 for violence prevention program

More than 50 Team SCH runners participated in the Magnificent Mile Half Marathon & 5K in support of Swedish Covenant Hospital on Sunday, September 6. The team raised $13,000 to support a new program at Swedish Covenant Hospital that was created to strengthen the hospital’s capacity to identify and respond to women who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking.

Congrats to all Team SCH runners! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the mission of Swedish Covenant Hospital.

Keith Bakken
Mireya  Becker
Lisa Caridine
Andrew Clauson
*Geri Cooper
Ray John De Los Reyes
*Kathy Donofrio
Deborah Drewke
Katie England
J.D.  English
Sarah English
Johnny Estrada
Luz Garcia
Haidee Haidari
Amanda Howat
Jasmina Hristovska
*Cristin Hurley
Maria Citadel Jones
Alicia Juska
Joanne Kaeding
Mary Koleff-May
Kathryn Krohn
Dorothy Lam
*Kate Lawler
Jonathan Lind
Lisa Lozeau

Olivia Lynn
Jose Maldonado
*Franziska Mancha
Darla Mascolo
Maya Mascolo
Karen McAuliffe
Kayla McCall
Jane Montes
Mary Perez
Vaidotas Petrus
Joel Reddish
Leslie Reeves
Cheryl Rodriguez
Rubiangeli Rosa
Israel Rosas
Sara Rummelhoff
Gertrude Scott
Maggie Simmons
Christina Simms
Kavita Singh
Geraldine Smith
Sarah Stadler
*Nora Sullivan
*Maki Uechi-Brooker
Andrew Wipperfurth

* Top fundraiser

About Swedish Covenant Hospital Foundation

Swedish Covenant Hospital Foundation works to inspire charitable giving through philanthropic partnerships with those in our community who want to make a real difference. We fulfill our health care mission through the generosity of our friends, neighbors and business leaders who care about the community and the health of those who live here.

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