Team SCH raises more than $19,000 for Helping Hands Fund

More than 60 Team SCH runners participated in the Chicago Half Marathon & 5K in support of Swedish Covenant Hospital on Sunday, September 25. The team raised more than $19,000 to help foster healing for our most vulnerable patients through the Helping Hands Fund. This fund assists patients in our emergency department access medications they otherwise cannot afford, allowing them to complete their medical treatment and return to health.

Congrats to all Team SCH runners! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the mission of Swedish Covenant Hospital.

Maryann Alaba
Maggie Andersen
Morgan Benson
*Rachel Blumenthal
Gibriela Bolanos
*Joseph Bolanos
Blake Brownstein
Baron Cabaloma
Andrew Clauson
Frederman Concepcion
Margot Cowan
Mike Cummins
Bridget Davidson
Ray John De Los Reyes
Jonathan Dixon
Maggie Domaradzki
Kathleen Donofrio
*Kathy Donofrio
Ingrid Fowler-Wrather
Bryan Frey
Chris Galvez
Erica Galvez
*Jesus Garcia
Katie Gordon
Michele Greenberg*
Anthony Guaccio
Sandra Guaccio
Ida Hiben
Joshua Hiben
Jessi Hickey
Robyn Jackson
Fred Jendo
Rajiv Kandala
Molly Kavanaugh
Jim Kouzios
Dorothy Lam
Kate Lawler
Jennifer Lillard
Jonathan Lind
Macy Manuel
Brad Meibers
Katie Meibers
Kelsey Mitchell
*Ramesh Patel
Vaidotas Petrus
Joel Reddish
Leslie Reeves
Rubiangeli Rosa
Israel Rosas
Luz Rosas-Garcia
Sara Rummelhoff
Ben Sanders
Christina Simms
Kavita Singh
Zoe Smith
Sara Springer
Sarah Stadler
Erik Tenglin
Charlie Thies
Ariel Tolentino
Donna Warder
Matthew Wever
Mark Wildeboer
Katie Willey


* Top Fundraiser

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Swedish Covenant Hospital Foundation works to inspire charitable giving through philanthropic partnerships with those in our community who want to make a real difference. We fulfill our health care mission through the generosity of our friends, neighbors and business leaders who care about the community and the health of those who live here.

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