Grateful Patient Profile: Monena Stone


You have to get up early to keep up with Monena Stone– 5am to be exact. Two days a week, rain or shine, Monena meets the Galter LifeCenter (GLC) staff when they open the doors, ready to start her day. She swims for one hour and then exercises for at least another two. At 85 years young, she’s an inspiration to the GLC Staff and has developed quite a fan club of fellow members.

When asked about Monena, Katie Oproglidis , GLC Courtesy Desk Supervisor  eagerly recounts,

“Monena has such a great energy and brightens up everyone’s day. She is a ‘regular’, so  a day without Monena is rare and doesn’t go unnoticed. Monena is highly respected and loved by many at Galter LifeCenter! “

Monena came to Swedish twenty years ago when she decided she needed doctors who were close to home. A routine mammogram seven years ago revealed a lump that was surgically removed, yet provided Monena the motivation to focus on her health in earnest.  She immediately began her healing journey at the Galter LifeCenter, where she has made use of the many resources that the facility and the Integrative Cancer Care Program (ICCP) have to offer.  The ICCP is a collections of services designed to help cancer patients overcome the physical, mental and emotional challenges of the disease, including message therapy, Mindful Meditation, integrative health practitioners and personal training sessions. These ICCP resources are all made possible through donations, which have provided Monena with many opportunities to keep her healthy and joyful.

Monena credits her health and stamina to regular exercise, the programs she attends in the ICCP and the excellent medical care from her doctors at Swedish Covenant Health. She is so grateful for her overall good health that she has been giving back to the hospital for years to ensure that others are provided the same type of compassionate care. When asked why she donates to SCH, Monena explains that it’s because of her doctors and GLC Staff, “They treat me like family. They really care about me and I know that I can always ask questions.”

With help from Swedish Covenant Health, Monena will continue making the world a brighter place for years to come. To learn more about donating to Swedish Covenant Health, contact the Foundation at (773) 293-5121 or

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