Swedish Emergency Associates makes generous gift to Women’s Health Initiative

Swedish Emergency Associates physicians, left to right: Dr. James Vasilakis, Dr. Leo Dilan, Dr. Bruce McNulty, Dr. Trina Norman, Dr. Andrew Costello, Dr. Lauren Pierce, Dr. Kirk Kittikamron and Dr. Allison Lazar Not pictured: Dr. Ayesha Ali, Dr. Sylveena Ali, Dr. Sheba Ampalloor, Dr. Neha Dave, Dr. John Graneto, Dr. Mary Habib, Dr. Danish Haque, Dr. Krister Johansson, Dr. Humera Khan, Dr. Joanna Kmiecik, Dr. Joseph Lo, Dr. Erik Martin, Dr. Anna Morgan, Dr. James Morosco, Dr. Anne Newbold, Dr. Christine Patte, Dr. Steven Press, Dr. Keri Robertson, Dr. Jennifer Ron, Dr. Charles Strulovitch, Dr. Melinda Tobin, Dr. Kelly Wright, Dr. Joseph Youkhana and Dr. Jonathan Younan

Physicians in Swedish Covenant Hospital’s Emergency Department know the importance of the Women’s Health Initiative. According to Dr. Bruce McNulty, president of Swedish Emergency Associates, ED physicians have a front row seat to the critical role that women play in health care. Many patients that seek care in the ED are accompanied by a woman – whether the patient’s mother, sister, wife, or daughter, he said. He and Dr. Christine Patte, Emergency Medicine physician, know how critical it is for these women to have access to high quality health care services and education.

That’s why Swedish Emergency Associates have pledged a generous donation to the Women’s Health Initiative to improve access to care for every woman in our community. The generous gift from Swedish Emergency Associates brings the Women’s Health Initiative Campaign total to $2.8 million of the $5 million goal.

“I see a lot of patients in the Emergency Department that will benefit from the Women’s Health Initiative – women who don’t have access to routine health care,” Dr. Patte said. “The Women’s Health Initiative is a great opportunity to make an impact through financial support.”

Scheduled to open in October, the Mayora Rosenberg Women’s Health Center is the cornerstone of the Women’s Health Initiative. However, the project extends beyond the creation of a physical space, as noted by Dr. McNulty. The initiative also includes an Access and Education program and Resource Center. It is the programming, including the development of a domestic violence and human trafficking protocol that sets the initiative apart and furthers the mission of the hospital, Dr. McNulty said.

“It is important to not only carve out a special place where women can comfortably access health care services, but also to build programming that addresses the unique needs of women in our community,” Dr. McNulty said. “Through the initiative’s programs, Swedish Covenant Hospital is aligning itself as a knowledge center.”

Dr. McNulty believes that philanthropic funding is essential for the hospital to pursue initiatives such as the Women’s Health Initiative. He and Dr. Patte understand that physicians have an important role to play in supporting the hospital.

Dr. McNulty has experienced the void that is left from the closing of community hospitals. To truly care about an organization, he said, means to give back and ensure it survives and thrives. He does this, not only by providing financial support, but by also volunteering his expertise as a member of the Swedish Covenant Hospital Foundation Board of Directors. In addition, Dr. McNulty has made a personal pledge to the Women’s Health Initiative. Dr. McNulty advocates his philosophy to the Swedish Emergency Associates physicians, including Dr. Patte, who has volunteered her time as a member of the gala committee since 2011.

Dr. Patte is passionate about serving the community where she lives and works. Swedish Covenant Hospital has been a special place for her family – her father was born here. Dr. Patte is proud to serve as a gala chair, along with her husband Eric Schmitt, and help raise awareness of and support for the Women’s Health Initiative. She knows that the initiative will help many of the women in the community access health care.

Swedish Emergency Associates will be recognized as a sponsor at the Swedish Covenant Hospital Gala, On the Bayou to be held on Saturday, October 18th at Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers.

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