Spicers give back in appreciation of care received by mothers

Swedish Covenant Hospital holds a special place in the hearts of Tom and Mary Ann Spicer. The physicians and nurses at the hospital provided end of life care for both Tom and Mary Ann’s mothers in the 1990s. To recognize the care they received, Tom and Mary Ann made one of their first gifts to the hospital in memory of their mothers. Now, nearly 20 years later, they continue to support Swedish Covenant Hospital because of these experiences.

It is no coincidence that Tom and Mary Ann’s mothers Wendolyn Fish and Mae Spicer shared the same Swedish Covenant Hospital physician; the two were neighbors and friends. In fact, Tom and Mary Ann grew up two houses away from each other in the Avondale neighborhood.

When Mary Ann’s mother, Wendolyn, became ill, she was referred to Swedish Covenant Hospital’s home health program, and she received home visits from her physician, as well as nurses. When the time came that she needed more care than house call nurses could provide, she was admitted to Swedish Covenant Hospital.

“The care provided by the physicians and house call nurses was overwhelming,” Mary Ann said. “We were happy with all of the care she received; it was better than we could have ever expected.”

Mary Ann’s mother received care on the rehab unit at Swedish Covenant Hospital, until she was well enough to move to a nursing home. The care provided by the nurses at Swedish Covenant Hospital, as well as the home health program stands out to Mary Ann.

Tom’s mother, Mae Spicer, also received care at Swedish Covenant Hospital during the late 1990s. During her battle with emphysema, she had many visits to Swedish Covenant Hospital. Tom and Mary Ann were thankful to be able to receive the same quality care that they had come to expect at the end of Mae’s life.

“We think Swedish Covenant Hospital is a good place and hear good things about it and everyone seems to be in the same direction – focusing on the patients,” Mary Ann said. “For us, there is no hospital other than Swedish.”

To learn more about the Grateful Patient Program at Swedish Covenant Hospital click here, or contact the Foundation at (773) 293-5121 or Foundation@swedishcovenant.org.

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