Q&A with new Foundation Board Member Ron Chadha

Swedish Covenant Hospital Foundation recently welcomed a new member to the board of directors, Ron Chadha.

Mr. Chadha is the Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at Allstate Insurance Company. He also served as Director of Corporate Strategy and Business Development at Mead Johnson Nutrition and worked at the consultancy Marakon Associates where he focused on Fortune 500 company strategy engagements. Prior to business school, he held roles in the investment banking and private equity industries and was part of an early-stage start-up. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from UCLA and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Read on to see what inspires Ron and how he hopes to make a difference at Swedish Covenant Hospital.

What inspired you to get involved with Swedish Covenant Hospital Foundation?

It starts with the hospital. My wife is a physician at Swedish Covenant and through her I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the important role it plays in the community and the platform it is for driving change more broadly. The Foundation’s focus on supporting key causes such as ending domestic violence and creating institutions such as the Women’s Health Center support both the community and the hospital. The team has a real passion for it, which comes across immediately. The Foundation is helping to make a difference in people’s lives, and it’s a privilege to be a part of it.

What areas of health care most interest you?

Consumers are becoming increasingly empowered through technology and information to control their experiences across all industries: from retail through health care. This “consumerization” is having an incredible impact on all parts of the health care ecosystem for the ultimate benefit of the patient. All health care participants are being forced to adapt quickly to provide offerings and experiences that more effectively meet rapidly changing patient needs and preferences. The challenges and opportunities being created are fascinating. I think the Foundation is uniquely positioned to help the hospital and community benefit from these trends.

What do you hope to contribute as a board member?

Foundation leadership has built a strong platform and network and there is no shortage of opportunities for the group to continue to add value. I hope to help to deliver on their vision through community involvement, working with local corporations with like-minded community focus areas and being part of the Foundation’s continuous strategic plan development.

Why is supporting a community hospital, like Swedish Covenant Hospital, important?

The hospital plays an important role on so many levels from providing direct health care services to driving and supporting local causes. A hospital the size of Swedish Covenant is unique in that it has the resources, talent and capabilities to provide top tier care while retaining close community ties. It is at the front lines of key issues facing the community on a daily basis and is continuously impacting people’s lives in positive ways.

What do you like to do for fun?

My wife and I have two children – a seven year-old daughter and a four year-old son. They’ve kept us very busy over the last few years. We love traveling and going to sporting events, and now that they are getting bigger we plan to do much more of both!

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Swedish Covenant Hospital Foundation works to inspire charitable giving through philanthropic partnerships with those in our community who want to make a real difference. We fulfill our health care mission through the generosity of our friends, neighbors and business leaders who care about the community and the health of those who live here.

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