Integrated Facilities Solutions Helps COVID19 Testing Staff Brave Winter

The Swedish Hospital COVID19 Testing tent has been staffed all winter by a team of dedicated and hardy individuals. Through snowstorms, inclement weather and sub-zero temperatures, they stand outside waiting to provide a test to the next car in line.  How do they stay warm? That’s the same question asked by generous donors at Integrated Facilities Solutions (IFS) in Lincolnwood.  

They were so concerned about the warmth and well-being of our COVID19 Testing staff, that they provided a generous gift to the Foundation to outfit all staff members with winter outerwear of their choice. Some staff members purchased new boots and gloves, while others purchased a new winter coat and hand warmers.  The Swedish Testing Tent staff members were delighted and moved by the donation and when asked, couldn’t contain their gratitude in a thank-you note to the IFS employees;

  • “We can’t thank you enough for such a thoughtful gesture and keeping our health and comfort front of mind.” –Gerri  
  • “Thank you for keeping us warm.” – Nicole
  • “Thank you for your boundless generosity! We’ll be able to fend off the cold because of your warm hearts, we all appreciate you.” –Brian

Through their generous donation, the employees at Integrated Facilities Solutions have made winter a little warmer for our COVID19 Testing staff.  To learn more about the COVID19 Relief Fund, please visit the webpage, email us at or call us at 773-293-5121. You can also donate to the fund here.

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