Grateful Patient makes legacy gift to honor doctor

After years of suffering and searching for answers, Harlan Didrickson was able to get the answers he needed from Swedish Covenant Hospital. In response to the kindness he was shown during this period, he made a legacy gift in honor of his physician, Dr. Javed Imam. Below, Harlan recounts in his own words what inspired him to support Swedish Covenant Hospital through a bequest.

“Recently I was hospitalized at Swedish Covenant and I was so moved by the attention I received from many of your doctors, that I decided to bequeath a sum to the hospital.

I immediately remembered Dr. Javed Imam and the degree of tenderness he showed me; not only tenderness, but a great degree of compassion and concern; and time, his time, that he gave to me. What’s more he finally (after years and years of my own searching) provided me with the root cause of an ailment, of which my suffering from, denied me of a significant surgical procedure which would remedy years of terrible pain and the ingestion of copious amounts of highly addictive pain medications. In many respects Dr. Imam hovered at my bedside and quietly handed back my future (which prior to his calm and sincere intervention was uncertain at best).”

Donors who make legacy gifts to Swedish Covenant Hospital are members of the Heritage Society, an elite group of visionary individuals whose legacy gifts will provide for the future of the hospital.

To learn more about making a planned gift to Swedish Covenant Hospital, click here or contact the Foundation at or 773-293-5121.

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