COVID-19 Fund Provides Swedish Staff with Safe Transport

COVID-19 Relief Fund: Lily’s Story

Thanks to donors to the COVID-19 Relief Fund, Swedish staff members now have a safe alternative to using public transportation to get to and from work.

Many of our staff travel to and from work via public transportation. To help alleviate their risk of exposure to COVID and minimize stigma from the general public who may view healthcare workers as a health risk, we have partnered with Lyft and MedEx Ambulance to transport our employees safely and securely to and from work. According to Lily Poe, an RN in Labor and Delivery and the Special Care Nursery, the transportation vouchers give her peace of mind, “I definitely feel safer using Lyft than taking the bus or train. I am almost always able to have a window down & every driver wears a mask.

Another Swedish employee, Brooke S., is equally thankful to our donors; “Having the Lyft voucher has been truly a blessing during such a challenging time. With all the other stresses I face at work every day, knowing that I am able to get to and from Swedish using Lyft has taken a big weight off of my shoulders. I cannot thank the donors to the COVID Fund enough!”

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, there are currently over 50 front-line employees who have been provided transport vouchers to help limit their exposure to the public, ease their anxiety and keep them healthier to care for their patients and family members. Our donors are making a difference every day.

You can make an impact in the lives of staff and patients during this time of crisis by donating to the Swedish COVID-19 Relief Fund. Please use the donation form, or call the Foundation office at 773-293-5121.