Community Generosity Helps Swedish Prepare for COVID-19 Crisis.

Over the past two weeks, the outpouring of support from our community has been both humbling and inspiring. During this time of crisis, community members have rallied around the hospital and its staff to provide food, supplies and monetary donations.  This critical support ensures that Swedish Hospital has the resources needed to help the most people—including our providers and staff— as they combat the COVID-19 pandemic head-on.

People from across the city are helping in several ways, including:

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Swedish nursing staff showing off their new Oofos!

Donation of Oofos Clogs:

Oofos, a footwear company founded in Boston, have generously donated 250 pairs of clogs to Swedish staff last Friday, to the delight of nurses and medical staff throughout the building. Made with a special foam insert that reduces stress to a wearer’s feet and knees and crafted from a special material that can be easily disinfected between shifts and machine-washed, these clogs are already a favorite of medical staff here at Swedish. 

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Swedish Hospital nurse safe behind his new face shield.

Donation of 3D-Printed Face Shields:   

In an effort to extend the useful life of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks for our frontline staff, inventors and innovators in our community have come up with creative solutions. One such project uses 3D printers and simple plastic sheeting to create face shields for healthcare workers to wear over their face masks. Designed by a concerned community member and approved by the Medical staff here at Swedish, the community-driven production of 3D printed face shields has secured over 800 life-saving devices in just 2 weeks.  Over 70 individuals have donated hundreds of hours and their own supplies to ensure the safety of Swedish Hospital staff.  To learn more about this grassroots effort or to join, please visit the Facebook page, 3D Printed Face Shields for Swedish.

Donation to Our Relief Fund

We have established a Relief Fund which will be used exclusively to provide additional resources to support our staff and clinicians who are working tirelessly to ensure the best possible care for our patients. A Team Member Crisis Fund, has also been established to assist Swedish team members who are financially impacted by COVID-19. To donate to our crisis funds, click here.

Meals for Staff

The Swedish Hospital staff is working around-the-clock to keep us all safe while we are staying home and practicing social distancing to keep them safe. Generous community members have provided meals from a number of local restaurants to help fuel our staff with meals during this critical time. This is also a chance to support our local restaurants and delivery drivers. No home-cooked meals, please. To donate a meal for our front-line staff, click here to select a date/time and the department to support.

Donation of Medical Supplies

Swedish medical staff safe behind donated PPEs

Over 200 donors have contributed more than 18,000 medical items including goggles, gowns, face masks, gloves, and other medical supplies. We need everyone’s help in obtaining masks, gloves and more during the Covid19 pandemic. If you are or know a local dentist, oral surgeon, surgical center, construction crew or others who may have reduced operations or are closed currently and have a supply on hand of the following, please reach out to by clicking here

Many thanks to the generosity of our donors during this unprecedented time. To view a list of donors, click here. You are helping Swedish staff who dedicate their lives to serving the sick and most vulnerable. They are our heroes, and your kindness during this time is gratefully appreciated.