Associates’ Board donation funds iPads for cancer center

Clinicians in Swedish Covenant Hospital’s Cancer Center now have a new tool for patient education, thanks to the generosity of the Swedish Covenant Hospital Associates Board. With funds’ raised through hosting events, the Board funded the purchase of four iPads to be used for patient care.

“The Associates Board is honored to be able to provide new iPads to the Cancer Center,” said Andrew Giger, president of Swedish Covenant Hospital Associates’ Board. “One of our board members at the time was a dietician in the Cancer Center.  She demonstrated the capabilities to show information regarding proper nutrition, exercise and information regarding required prescriptions in real-time with patients during consultations.”

In addition to education related to dietetics, clinicians including nurses, navigators, physicians and pharmacists will use the devices to teach patients about medications, facts about their disease, and links to useful educational and supportive websites, such as the American Cancer Society.

Cancer Navigator, Kayla Innis has found the iPads to be especially useful in sharing resources, such as recipes, mindfulness tools, data and educational videos.

“Patients have so much anxiety around feelings, worries and physical symptoms. It’s good to be able to respond quickly to these concerns and look at resources together on the iPad, rather than having to email later,” Kayla said.

Not only do the iPads allow her to provide information to patients as she is meeting with them, but it also allows her to explore useful apps that she can recommend to patients to download to their own personal devices. One app that she has found useful is a mindfulness app that she has used to guide patients through meditation.

According to Kayla, going forward, clinicians have identified new uses, including administering distress screenings. Currently, the screenings are provided via a written survey. However, plans are in the works to connect the iPads to the hospital electronic health record system. This will allow clinicians to access screenings electronically and deliver the surveys verbally and in person.

“Patient engagement is critical to improved outcomes; we are happy to be able to provide technology to help that along,” Andrew said.

The Swedish Covenant Hospital Associates’ Board is a group of young professionals who raise funds, increase public awareness and perform community service on behalf of SCH. They hold fundraising events throughout the year, including the upcoming Bar on Buena Beer Tasting Fundraiser on Thursday, September 22. For more information, click here.

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